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Dolby Media MEter

Dolby Media Meter

Dolby has released the Media Meter, a great way to accurately determine Dialnorm levels from within your DAW.

With Dolby® Media Meter, Dolby adds to its lineup of unique and innovative tools that accurately and objectively measure loudness as viewers subjectively experience it. Dolby Media Meter features Dialogue Intelligence™ technology, adopted from the award-winning Dolby DP600 Program Optimizer, that automatically detects and then measures loudness only during the presence of speech in an audio track. Dolby Media Meter measures loudness using the ITU-R BS.1770-1 algorithm, and measurements can be done either with or without Dialogue Intelligence.

Dolby Media Meter runs as a Mac® or Windows® stand-alone application, as a Digidesign® Pro Tools® AudioSuite or RTAS plug-in, and as a plug-in for Minnetonka AudioTools™ AWE. Dolby Media Meter supports measurement of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby E, and PCM audio formats. All versions of Dolby Media Meter can produce and save log files.

Used as a stand-alone product, Digidesign AudioSuite plug-in, and Minnetonka AudioTools AWE plug-in, Dolby Media Meter is a faster-than-real-time, file-based measurement application.* This is useful for DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ mastering, and for program creation and quality control applications in audio production, postproduction, and broadcast facilities.

As a Pro Tools RTAS plug-in, Dolby Media Meter measures loudness in real time, so that users can track levels during the mixing process to help meet network delivery requirements. The RTAS plug-in can simultaneously display short- and long-term loudness levels that are based on the level of dialogue in the mix.

Company History
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Steven Strassberg Associates, Inc. (SSA), an incorporated business for more than fifteen years, was established for the purpose of direct to end-user marketing of professional audio and video products. SSA provides manufacturers and customers with the feeling of direct sales access in the New York Tri-State area.

Additionally, SSA sells consulting services to various sectors of the marketplace in the area of studio design, equipment specification, acoustical design, renovation, wiring, and studio maintenance.

With a combined experience of more than 100 years in sales, service, operations, and management in the professional audio/video/film industry, the Strassberg team is able to support and help to keep the marketplace informed. Individually, we have a history of building long-term relationships with our customers, largely because of our depth of application-oriented experience and our enthusiasm . We firmly believe in the products and the manufacturers that we represent

We perform ongoing private demonstrations and training in our studio demo room and on-site at our clients. Thus far, we have held clinics in mixing and monitoring for surround, chaired a joint AES/SMPTE New York chapter meeting on multichannel audio systems and practices. We have also co-hosted SPARS luncheons with our manufacturers.

We strive to remain active in the industry!

Thanks for your business …..

Steven Strassberg

Contact Us
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Give us a call! Real humans, with lots of knowledge, are available.

Phone: 212 315-9551

Our mailing address is:

312 Continental Drive

New Hyde Park, NY, 11040

Sales Inquires:  Sales@Strassberg.com
Steve Strassberg: Steve@Strassberg.com

Consulting Services
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Strassberg Associates offers consultation for broadcasters, recording+post production studios, manufacturers, houses of worship, live concert venue; any where that audio needs to be at it’s best. Level optimization, metering, Dolby implementation, 5.1 setup,  speaker system placement and optimization, system design, equipment specification, digital interconnect and more.

Some recent consulting clients:

TC Electronic

Fox News

Explosion Robinson Studios

LBrown Recording

Northport Baptist Church

Longtail Audio

Clinton Recording Studios

For more information on what we can do to help you, please contact us for a visit to your site.

Major Lines
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Some of the lines we proudly carry:

Surround sound, audio and video entertainment technology. New innovations include the file based DP600 processor and Media Meter: Dialogue recognition plug-in for Pro Tools

Surround sound, audio and video entertainment technology. New innovations include the file based DP600 processor and Media Meter: Dialogue recognition plug-in for Pro Tools


Sophisticated technology and ease of use combine to produce a truly professional digital audio workstation. Masscore technology allows incredible amount of dedicated DSP use.


Studio, live sound and now cinema speakers and electronics. When you want the best.

rli logo)

Renegade Labs : Versatile, featured packed small footprint digital mixers. Just what your NLE workstation wants.

Multi-channel microphone preamplifiers, elegant volume control solutions.

Incredible sounding precision plug-ins. Must hear!


Innovative file based audio processing software.

Industry standard analog and digital audio meters

Bryston amplifiers. Excellent sonic reproduction, they last forever.

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